Property Management Services

Our services do not stop at meeting your preferences for the perfect unit. We are a full service company that protects and enhances the value of your real estate investment.



  • Property evaluation with the best real estate rate for location and amenities.
  • Extensive network of real estate brokers, unit owners, and potential lessors from local and international companies to help your property stand out
  • Proactive online advertising, prepare contract offer and closing of transactions.
  • Releasing of commissions for closing brokers and agents

Technical and Maintenance

  • Remodeling, repairs, unit upkeep and supervision of ACU cleaning and maintenance
  • Contacts among licensed interior designers for professional advice on outfitting a unit
  • Contacts and assistance for all types of utilities (plumbing, electricity, phone, Internet, etc.)
  • Coordination of maintenance for possible repairs inside unit concerns

Investor care & Legal Assistance

  • Tenant screening and background check
  • Swift marketing and communication to minimize down time and expenses on units
  • Advise in the event of dispute or litigation
  • Refers owner to a reputable lawyer
  • Abide by the latest guidelines
  • Facilitate necessary documentations

Tenant care

  • Guided ocular inspections
  • Tenant move in, move out and assistance during occupancy
  • Rental collections
  • Housekeeping for a separate fee
  • Regular Property Visit
  • Remittance of payments through bank deposits
  • Periodic reports on property conditions


  • Contract preparation and signing
  • Efficient record keeping
  • Rent Collection
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